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Forwarding and port handling of bulk cargoes that moves by railways. The company organizes dispatch and receiving of railcars, as well as containerized goods via railways of Russia, Belorussia, Latvia and Eastern Europe.

Aperico transports Bulk and dry cargo (coal, ore, steel, timber, construction materials, fertilisers, grain). Bulk cargo is transported in covered wagons on platforms and in open-box cars of various types which facilitate unloading from different sides. This is particularly convenient for loose raw materials and construction materials. Loose bulk cargo can be transported in special wagon hoppers with an opening hatch below for faster unloading of cargo such as grain or gravel.

Railways Advantage

Railways have significant benefits compared to other modes of transport. The best fit for the long-distance transportations of bulk and containerized goods by land due to low-costs.

Extremely large carrying capacity
An environmentally friendly solution for transporting significant volumes
Fits for transporting constant goods flow, due to regularity and reliability
Barely dependent on weather conditions

All this makes railway an essential attribute for your business on a global scale.

Our Services

Aperico provides freight transport from/to any railway station that is open for freight operations. Deliveries are received and issued on a 24-hour basis. International freight transport directions include all key East-West and North-South transport corridors.

The service includes:

  • Reloading to and from wagons
  • Reloading to and from containers
  • Organization of wagons supply
  • Arranging all rail and customs procedures
  • Station expenses payments
  • Payments of rail tariffs till a destination
  • Daily tracking