Our greatest successes have always come from working closely with our customers to understand their business and deliver the solutions they need. Whatever we do, this basic facet of our business remains true – we strive to get the best deal for our customers.

As freight forwarder Aperico specializes in arranging the import and export of goods — covering all aspects of that process from the moment the product leaves the production/mining site until it is safely in the hands of the trading company or end consumer. This can include arranging for the storage of your cargo between the different legs of shipment. It always involves tracking the transportation process; expediting and checking all the necessary import and export documentation; negotiating shipping and storage fees; procuring cargo insurance when needed; and booking cargo space on trucks, trains and ships.

Our Success:

We hold relationships with ship management companies, ship operators and owners, and agencies around the world, giving you flexibility with your shipments

Aperico has it all:

Whatever your transportation needs, We’re there for you — from the start of your shipping process until the end. We have the expertise to ensure that every aspect of your shipping process is handled professionally and with care.

  • Logistics Design
  • Ocean Dry Bulk and Containers forwarding
  • Door-to-Door Services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Consolidation and Warehousing
  • Charters